Camp Rainbow STL

Meet Hailey!

Diagnosed at 1 years old with Leukemia, Hailey has been a Camp Rainbow camper for most of her life. She has enjoyed #CampAdventures as a Family Camper, Day Camper, an Overnight Camper, and a Camp-In Camper at Camp Rainbow.

When Hailey was just six years old, she presented her parents with a hand drawn picture of a lemonade stand and a wish to sell lemonade at their firework store. In just one night, her father built that lemonade stand and the next day, Hailey's lemonade was for sale! Since that first summer, Hailey has sold lemonade for one weekend outside her parent's store. Each summer, she proudly presents Camp Rainbow with her proceeds from her stand. To date, Hailey has raised more than $4,500 selling lemonade.
Tonight at our Cocktails for Camp event, attendees are being given a chance to help Hailey raise even more dollars for Camp Rainbow by purchasing her lemonade. Would you like a virtual glass?

Donate here to support Hailey!

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