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Alaska National Parks Week, Final Day!

We end this series visiting the most popular national park in Alaska: Glacier Bay National Park.

What makes this park the most popular in Alaska is very simple: cruise ships.

Almost every cruise ship which travels through the inside passage in Alaska will pay a visit to the park. The vast majority of the visitors will never set foot inside the park, rather they will only view it from the deck of a ship.

That being said, that isn’t really so bad because the most spectacular parts of the park can only be seen by ship. The glaciers in the park can really only be seen by ship, and this is especially true if you want to witness glacial calving, the act of giant chunks of ice falling into the water.

Watching calving can be difficult because you are far enough away that there is a noticeable delay between hearing something and seeing something. By the time you here the crash into the water, the event has already happened. This makes it very hard to photograph.

If you are interested in visiting the park outside of a cruise ship, it is very doable. The park is connected by road to the town of Gustavus, Alaska. To get there, however, you need to either fly or take a ferry as the town isn’t connected by road to the rest of the state.

The park service offers their own boat tours from the visitor center on ships which are much much smaller than the cruise ships which visit. They can also get close to the glacier than cruise ships can because of their size.

There can be some confusion with Glacier National Park in Montana, and Glacier National Park in British Columbia. All three parks are separate despite the similar names.

Glacier Bay National Park is also part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. ⠀
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