VuThéara Kham

Children of Ispahan, Iran, (2019) ❤️🇮🇷
It's a selection of pictures with children in the streets of Esfahan.
I love to capture these kind of images.
For me, it reveals a lot of hidden stories : the life, the expression of the eyes, the walls, the background, the place under renovation like the transition of the country into the new world...
@feeliran #letsfeeliran

19,985 Esfahan, Iran



The guy in the back tho😂😂😂😂😂




Wonderful shot


Really beautiful work 💙




متجر جديد والمرجوا منكم دعمنا @mmush4462


WoW , excellent work atmosphere and reportage of real life! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍


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Capture de vitalité 😍Iran est un pays jeune et dynamique


Such amazing photos, some of your best shots in this country 💯👌


@vutheara Welcome to our country and thank you so much for recording these beautiful moments and sharing with the world, thanks for all of beautiful shots💚☘️


Do you know, how many people suffer under The Islamic Republic Faschismus government in IRAN?
Please ask Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan to see




Please post more pictures about places not people!🙏


C’est parfait😍❤️ j’adore la première, le garçon a le regard de Ronaldo 😁


@vutheara I truely love your photos .You captured the real life.




Im Iranian 🇮🇷 can you come om my city?(karaj)



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