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Scale Down | Photograph by Chad Butler (@twoten_productions) | In California's Joshua Tree National Park, a climber repels after scaling a rock formation called the Heart of Darkness. Boasting approximately 8,000 climbing routes, Joshua Tree is a favorite destination for climbers from around the world. #YourShotPhotographer


Photo by Cristina Mittermeier @Mitty | When this sperm whale, an old matriarch judging by the many scars in her body, started slowly swimming away, I found myself riding the strong current she created with her massive fluke. She knew I was right behind her, but she didn't seem to mind. More than once I thought about touching her, but as a wildlife photographer it's critical to pass through these moments as little more than a shadow. This is their world. So instead of giving in to my urge, I kept my distance and kept up with her slow swim for as long as I could, and then watched until she eventually disappeared into the warm waters off Dominica. Follow me @Mitty for more from my expeditions with @SeaLegacy that have changed me as an artist and a conservationist. #WhaleTail #SpermWhale #UnderwaterPhotography #ExtinctionEndsHere

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Photo by @kahliaprilphoto | Fall colors battle to hang on as the first snow of the winter settles over the Canadian Rockies.


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finding magic ✨ in the ordinary is something that’s always fascinated me when I’m making photographs - here’s a wet bench that’d I’d walked by a million times and never noticed until today when I changed my angle and it came alive - here’s 3 versions, because I can’t ever make a decision 😌

Downtown Seattle

Caroline Rondeau’s (@cac0tte) drawings generally convey inner peace and soft expression, but for the month of October she adds a little spooky touch.⁣

“The work I make for #inktober is pretty different than the others,” says the freelance illustrator and yoga teacher.⁣ “Most of the time I stay in pastel tones, soft light pink is my favorite color. So all this black and white puts me way outside of my comfort zone — but isn’t it here that great things are supposed to happen?”⁣

Photo by @cac0tte

Paris, France

#Repost @natgeotravel

Photo by @BabakTafreshi | On this late evening in March 2012 I was waiting for the moon to align with Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris, as it was setting over Arc de Triomphe (Etoile). We are so used to the moon presence that often forget its cosmic identity. How bizarre it is to see another world so easily and strikingly in the sky, from 400,000 km away. For a car traveling nonstop at 100km/hr highway speed it takes 6 months to travel the distance. This month 50 years ago Apollo 11 astronauts traveled 3 days in space to reach the moon and prepare for the first ever landing on July 20, 1969. Explore more of The World at Night photography with me @babaktafreshi. #twanight #moon #apollo #paris #nightphotography

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October Spotlight :Cities, towns, and villages
The place where people gather to work and live.
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STORY TAKEOVER! “Jeanie, a 3-legged rescue, is a certified therapy dog and has won the 2019 American Humane Hero Therapy Dog Award. This resilient little mixed-breed, or “Pomayorkapoopillon”, brings comfort and joy to those who need it most, especially children with special needs and fellow amputees.” Writes @jeanie3legs // Tap our Stories and watch Jeanie’s adventure on the @todayshow! #dogsofinstagram


#followmeto Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort with @natalyosmann . It was an amazing trip and I am revealing our journey in stories - check them out. Which photo do you like more 1 or 2?
Did you know that: - ‘Mehrangarh’ is a name which was derived from two words: ‘Mihir’, that stands for Sun and ‘Garh’ implicating Fort.
- Dark Knight Rises prison scenes were shot there. Do you remember?

Mehrangarh Fort

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