Rhubarb Food Co-op

look closely: spot the 🐞. definitely #organic! this week’s #mixedbountybox is another early spring beauty, featuring baby carrots, broad beans, zucchini, @living.earth.farm salad leaves, punnet-less cherry tomatoes, little potatoes, new season purple garlic, bananas, a couple of avos, a couple of apples, cucumbers, half a celery and cos OR kale. .
🥬 we’re going to cut the cos in half, drizzle with @cockatoogrove evoo and bbq. 💚 .
the broad bean pods are so tender, we’ll try going #zerowaste and making a pod curry. .
the tiny carrots are delicious cut in half, sprinkled with evoo, salt and cumin, and roasted at 160 for an hour. .
salad leaves probably won’t make it home! .
#cookingtherhubarbbox #cooperative #foodcoop #regenerativefarming #localfarms #dontpanicitsorganic #organic #wholefoods #sydney

24 Rhubarb Food Co-op



update: pod curry 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


oh yes, we can see her!


Amazing haul this week.Broad beans 💯🙌🏼


Omg what a week to miss out. 😭 looks amazing!!!

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