Ned scharer

Pointing up new windows using hot mixed lime mortar and applying the mortar hot. Incredibly sticky, hardly any shrinkage, gone off in less than two days in damp autumn conditions and a beautiful and traditional finish to match the original. Cheap, no waste, no packaging, good for the building and made on the spot. It really could not be any simpler. #timeless #perfection #local #pointing #windows #noexpandingfoam #goodjob #cottage #limemortar #zerowaste #traditionalskills #lowimpact #bespoke #simple




Nice - the way it should always be done. Much better than silicon and cement filleting


Beeeeeeautiful hot lime mortar 🙌✨


Where are you getting Brincir from ?


The Building Aggregates Fourm is a big fan of the Bryncir Sands - I also understand the ERRC are conducting a study on the lignite content of this and other regional a Welsh pit sands.


Did you make the windows?


Very nice, 🔥
what aggregate and ratio of hot lime are you using.?

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