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⭐️WHY SHOULD WE DO THE OPEN⭐️ The CrossFit Games Open or as we know it, Fitness Christmas. Only once a year the chance arrives when we as CROSSFITTER’S are able to come together as peers, training partners, training rivals, friends, siblings or acquaintances and attempt to complete the same workouts as each other. What makes it unique is the fact that this ultimately is ‘CrossFit’. It’s about community. Being together as one across the world and all at the same time. Without it we are merely 1000’s of people coincidently working out similarly without connection.
Back in 2012, Coach @mikeydeltafox completed his first Open workout alongside one of the founder creators of @crossfit_deltafox @chrismcgraphics... The dreaded 12.1, or to most 7 minutes of Burpees. Mikey was able to post his only score of 5 workouts against Chris who was 3rd in all of the Manchester boxes on 12.2 and ultimately gave Mikey a thrashing. The Open was the first chance to expose weakness and provide the blueprint for the next years training.
Never was there a focus to become the worlds fittest but only to enjoy a friendly rivalry, which ultimately provided you with what is now CrossFit DeltaFox.
The Open is about you and having loads of fun, it allows you to express yourself through fitness and the satisfaction to see your official athlete profile guarantees you a ranking. There are billions of people on this planet and by the end of the Open you’ll rank highly amongst them as one of the fittest on earth... PROVEN!
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