Rachelle Rice, MA, NTP, C-IAYT


If you have known me at all in the last five years as a practitioner (hint: one who practices), you’ll know that I love and live by the teachings and practice of iRest yoga nidra meditation. ✨

Five years ago my encounter with iRest revolutionized my felt experience of life itself. Things sharpened into focus. A way of understanding the world filled in many missing pieces for me. ✨

As a certified iRest Teacher and forever student, this practice has become my favorite, my magic, my roots, my reliable wellspring. I am always excited to teach it. I get happy inside just seeing my own nap stack (1st photo) that waits for me daily. ✨

There’s a new blog post link in my profile that is a thumbnail overview of what I love about this practice. I could go on for days, as this post doesn’t touch the mysterious realms of trauma or dreaming. I’ve found precious little that can’t be addressed by yoga nidra and I use it routinely in my work with yoga therapy clients. ✨





What an awesome post! I miss practicing with you Rachelle, iRest is so awesome 🦋 light and 💙

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