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Photo by @dina_litovsky | Taking a ferry on the Bosporus is one of the best and most convenient ways to see the magical city of Istanbul, Turkey. There are more than a dozen ferries that crisscross the strait from the European to Asian sides all day long, providing passengers with incredible views. For more images follow me @dina_litovsky.


Photo by Lazar Ovidiu | A perfect morning at Piz Boe, Dolomites. #YourShotPhotographer


Photo by Matthieu Paley @paleyphoto I After a hard day’s trek at high altitude, my teammate Malang Daryo fell for the first camel that we encountered on the Afghan Pamir plateau! Used for their wool, milk and transportation, Bactrian camels are the most prized animals of the nomadic Afghan Kyrgyz living up in the high Pamir Mountains. For more cultural encounters, please visit @paleyphoto.


Go everywhere, explore the beauty of the nature and share with others.
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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // An American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) peers above the thin blue line and we make eye contact through the lens of my camera. We can't help but wonder if writer, Ernest Hemmingway experienced something similar. It’s entirely possible. Unlike too many areas in the world, where you have to look through the history books to get a sense of what life was like only a few decades ago, in Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen, the environment hasn’t changed that much. It remains untouched by luxury hotels and manicured golf courses.
“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is” - Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, written in Cuba, published in 1952. To see more #underwater photos from this untouched garden, please #follow my #instagram feed at @cristinamittermeier
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Tag @natgeomedia + #underwater_world,我們會於每週分享主題精選照片。
December Spotlight: Underwater
Dive into the water, being carefree and leisurable.
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After Batsheva Hay quit her job as a lawyer seven years ago, her fashion shifted. “All I was wearing was vintage clothing, and I would go into department stores and I just couldn’t find anything new that I liked that was as much fun to me as the vintage clothing,” she says. So she started making her own vintage-inspired clothes, and then in 2016 she started a dress company, Batsheva (@batshevadress), where she takes elements from other eras — from Victorian to pioneer to hippie — and gives them a modern twist.⁣

To find out more about Batsheva and her dresses, head over to @shop – THE account where you can discover and shop from up-and-coming designers. ❤️🌟⁣ ⁣

Photo by @alexeihay

New York, New York

Montmartre by Night, Paris 🌃
Back to Paris after more one week in Shanghai. I didn't have Wi-Fi, VPN during my trip but I took a lot pictures that I will share soon.
I hope you'll like.


Day fades to night - a series of photos from a rainy walk though the International District 🍜🍱🥘

International District, Seattle, Washington

#followmeto the magical time of autumn foliage in Kyoto with @natalyosmann . It felt like we were in a fairy tale. Which season is your favorite? I love end of spring/beginning of summer!

#следуйзамной в осеннюю сказку в Киото. Какое у вас любимое время года? Я люблю конец весны!
Music: “ODESZA: Bloom”

Kyoto, Japan

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