Sarah Aswell

Maybe my best mom hack is what we call the “peasant platter” for nights when I’m too tired to cook or don’t have a meal plan. The big wooden platter makes it feel special, there’s only one single thing to clean (everyone eats off the platter directly like at a party) and you can eat while playing a game or making art or watching a movie as a family. And leftovers get thrown easily into lunchboxes for the next day.




Yes!! Cedric and I have a version of this, too!


that one’s a hit in my adult-only household as well!




Great idea!!🙌💕


Our favorite too! We call it snack dinner


Snack Platter dinner is a big favorite at my little house.


Super smart. We need to do this.


🔥 Hack


We do this too! We call it Torres family favorite dinner.


Okay, but I still consider eating three meals worth of food at lunchtime a "meal plan."

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