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Surviving Winter in The Altay | Photography by Tariq Sawyer (@tariqsawyerphotos) | “Winter in Mongolia can be so notoriously harsh they have their own word, "dzud", to describe the most extreme conditions,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Tariq Sawyer. “During a "dzud" vast numbers of livestock die from starvation due to the lack of graze or from freezing temperatures that can reach -50 degrees Celsius. A "white dzud" is when heavy snow prevents livestock from grazing. With around a third of the Mongolian population dependent on pastoral farming for their livelihoods a “dzud” has devastating consequences for the country.” #YourShotPhotographer



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Zaista tezak zivot tih ljudi!


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With a little rope you could have some sweet sheep skis


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Drooling, mouth watering, bake one to starve!


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