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Photo by Cristina Mittermeier @Mitty | Since well before humans could read or write, sled dogs have played a key role in the survival of the Inuit who live in the Arctic. Sled dogs changed the way humans move across the snow and the ice and how they hunt. On assignment in 2015 for @NatGeo in Greenland, I traveled in frigid temperatures with a group of Inuit men and their dogs to document their community's reliance on stable ice.
Today sea ice disappears in the north for many months on end, making it harder for the Inuit to hunt and find food. Sadly sled dogs are also suffering from the climate crisis, with populations dwindling as the sea ice retreats in the Arctic.
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'People seem apathetic to the impact global warming is having on Inuit' ' Have we tried to highlight the impact its having on their dogs?'

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