The four year old REALLY stitched me up today. We’re in the busy changing room waiting for him to go swimming. A man comes out from the pool and my son in his loudest most clear voice says “Mummy that man is a baldy nut but it’s okay because he’s got hair ALL OVER the REST of his body” 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m sorry to that man. Hope your day improved.
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Oooh I hope you’re keeping a book of this wonderful things to use to embarrass them when they are older 😂😂


Haha! At least he doesn’t have to waste money on swimming caps.x


Ha ha ha ha! Love it! 😘


Omg! Some buzz! 😂😂


Lovely 💋


That just made me choke on my tea 😂😂




😂😂😂I’m pinching the baldy nut jibe 😂💕


Baldy nut? 😂


Oh love it when kids say things like that!


Love what kids come out with!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kids are just priceless!!!!


Too funny 😂😂


I love Geordie!!!😂😂😂xx


I love Geordie!!!😂😂😂xx


That man was delighted with the attention. Otherwise why would he be swanning his gorilla bod around for all to see? Your son is an ambassador of kindness.


Really great stuff 😂

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