Sarah Aswell

Two years ago I got to meet my childhood hero, Stephen King, and introduce him at a reading. It was an amazing experience and the only small downside was that I didn’t get a picture of us—I didn’t want to bother him for a selfie.
Fast forward to my comedy show this week! A woman (@abibaumann) came up to me after the show and said, “You introduced Stephen King! I remember really clearly the moment that you handed him the essay you wrote about him, and he looked at it and said, ‘I’ve already read this! It’s great!’ I got some great pictures of it.” And today she sent me this perfect picture—as he’s signing my copy of On Writing and before we talked about books and he showed me 1,000 pictures of his dog on his iPad. I’m so so happy and thankful this special moment for me exists in a really lovely picture.

153 Missoula, Montana



Sarah, that’s amazing!


Super cool!


😮😮 How neat!!!


Wow!! That’s amazing!!


How awesome is that?!?!


This. Is. Awesome. And...I love your stupid bangs.


Oh that is so awesome. I’m happy for you!


Oh! My heart!!!


I love this.


I love this so much! I am so happy someone was able to capture this pure moment for you, Sarah!! Frame it :)


That’s dope!


Beautiful. This book is magic.


Just finished re-reading On Writing and look forward with great anticipation to reading your essay!


So glad I was able to pass that along! 🙌🏻

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