FREE beer samples and Pho a la carte - sign us up!! Foodie Find: @kingswinebarmpls
Join us Wednesday 2/24 and have Pho made your way. Choose your ingredients. Also taste FREE samples of MN Gold from Third Street Brewhouse. Should be fun. #foodie #MPLS #pho #mnbeeractivists #beer #mnbeer

196 Kings Wine Bar



Beautiful 👌🏻


@poqeli something to think about


@andyxhennessy what about it?lol


@pikashchu why are we out of town for this?!


Thanks for your interest! The time of the event is 5pm - 8pm. For more info, see our events section on our website.


@granthuisinga pho a la carte!!!!


@iamcaitq a la carte pho!!


The COLORS you got in this shot are exquisite! 😍👍

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