Be brave Erin. You can do this. Time to rip and cut. Deep breaths. #zipitquilt #katespain #cuttingthepretties #cuzcofabric #paradisofabric #sunnysidefabric #canyonfabric #honeyhoneyfabric #ariafabric #horizonfabric




Can't wait to see what you do with this!! It's going to bring awesome!


Love that Cuzco 😍😍😍


@rmsreid Oh! I have a jelly roll of that line somewhere! Thanks for reminding me! I thought it looked familiar! 💗💗💗


@laurelsstitchery Cuzco - OOP, I highly doubt you'll be able to find any peacock fabric anywhere; @quiltbystarlight soooo worth it! You'll be so much happier to have that fabric in a quilt where you can look at it instead of on a shelf!


Love all Kate's lines!💕


What is line with the peacocks on it? I can't see the label on that one. Gorgeous!! 💗💗💗


Ooooooo this looks interesting! Can we have an update photo please!


I'm with @redcoconutshop - not brave enough yet 😂 but I'll be thrilled to watch you do it Erin!


I can't do it 😫 I still have a lot of Kate's. Maybe, I should have to do.


Do it, do it, do it!!! Can't wait to see what it looks like 😍


So much fun pulling those charm packs apart @tootlejayne 💙


Great minds! That's my plan with my KS!


Gorgeous collection! Love that @katespain


Ooh love the plan!


😍😍😍😍😍😍 love Kate Spain


Just keep reminding yourself how lovely the finished product will be.💚


Also, great pattern choice!!


You can do it!! 💙


It will look beautiful


Nice collection!


Hello Kate!


Oh how exciting. Amazing pattern. Cant wait to see it all come together


It's going to look amazing


Omg are you doing Emma's Zip It quilt?

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