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Yea right, i just got d best illustration for this new, welcome developement on instagram from my jewel's page #Myjewelofinestimablevalue #AwalkingtalkingexpressionofGod'sgrace #Ilikeherstyle #Cherishimitatingher ... @jagabeauty. I adore her and mehn, .... am officially in love with her.💋💋💕💕💕 Shez a seasoned teacher u kno .... Wen she tells u a story bout d desert, u r sure 2feel d sand in ur eyez live!!, thats how much of a skilled nd gifted teacher she is ... It can be really annoying when your phone buzzes whenever someone u follow posts stuffs on instagram, right? Well not as annoying as when u expecting an alert nd suddenly one hits ur phone nd then u reach 4it only 2see a silly message from ur network ..... #Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew! abii? Lol.
So we always here .... U know where 2find us whenever u want 2see our post 2show us some luv, bless up or give us some TLC #Tenderlovingcar
e buttt! ..... Shuld incase u wan dey see our posts "As e dey hot" just turn on notification on our page just as my momma's illustration implies. Pls do so on my page as well as on @jagabeauty's page, thank me later💋💋💋 Be d first 2kno whenever we post something awesome . #Like #Follow #Comment #turnonpost notification #Theseweaskofthee #IJN!



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