Chris Jenks

As soon as I popped the top of this lovely little beer my kitchen was filled with pumpkin aroma. Pumpkin , vanilla and a Graham cracker finish. Awesome Minnesota brew! Cheers !! @tinwhiskersbrew #craftbeer #craftnotcrap #beernerd #cjdrum #mnbeer #mnbeeractivists #growlerlife #beergeek #drinklocal #cptbrewsquid #beerporn #untappd




😉 good enough, thanks. Cheers!


@hopatlanta on the back of the bottle it has all of the ingredients flowing to different senses. It all looks like currents flowing in different directions. They have those on the back of the bottles. While I'm no electrician I believe that's what they're going for. Hope that was any help!


Did the beer have the story of why it has a zener diode on it?



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