He's back and dancing for his dog. You should be too. #danceforyourdog

Vid via @ralph_the_rex



@selin.bozkaya @conor_ketchum get me this costume so I could do a Hooman dance for Atlas


@kaitlinsaney this is what Bosco and I do all day


@aurynaprillia thinking of hippo somehow 😂😂😂


Hahahahahaha a doing this for sure @pambamgoinham


That is SO YOU. Is it??


Hahaha!! Yesss! @asdfjordan


@homaleeni @brionykclark I fkn love this guy!!


Me, except I don't have a pet 😂 @sammyripp0n


@mcm2032 hahahahahaha must provide entertainment for Spike


@clayspec this you or lauren?


@lahizlongobardi hahahaha, *snarky tone "Ebenezer". 😒


@cupcake_kiki Who was videotaping me??


@cf_2132 hahahaha the dog is Ebbienizer

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