@sevimindset no son adorables estos bebes? Jijiji




@mayaholywd They kinda do! Adorable 🐱


The white one reminded me of Indy and the other of Nala @jhollywooddesigns


Que fofinhos!!!


@frozen_kels I'm ur body guard for the box castle


@cccharlied see orange flood and white floof


@giselauribe28 smoothie has a sibling!


@speakerphonex smoothie loves milkshake


@karmali_a LMAO BB milky is investigating 😂😂😂😂


@alishakurji why is milky such a weird kitty 🙈😂


lol lol lol


Foshe na taixinha @joaopimpim


How much time would u say they spend together vs. on their own?


Lol. Milkshake has black soles too! @fragglerock30

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