Milkshake the Cat

Can someone hand me my cigar, please?

Can someone hand me my cigar, please?



My cats sits like this too, he looks so silly 😆 and he doesn't have as much fluffy fur covering his silly posture lol


This is wonderful


Floof galore!😚🐈


Like godfather :-)


So fluffy 😍


Plz comment to my photos and tell me what you think about me❤️


Ha Ha! Don't you know smoking ain't good for you Milky🐾💕🌟


milky ..‼️ you look as a top model cat .. 🐾❤️‼️ ..


Milkshake you are the best 🖒😎😸


Super :) C'mon let's see our photos we also have biutiful pictures. kissses :*


He looks so warm..😙


Rebel 😎bad boy 🙀


Milkshake parece chateado hoje.


@jadevlierde ge moogt er voor mij ook 1 bestellen


@alexander_callebaut ik heb die echt nodig haha




He's starting to look regal.


😹 which one? the 50cm or the 1 meter one like the Che!! 🇨🇺

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