Dougie the Shih Tzu

Moved to a different bed. #shihtzu #dachshund

Moved to a different bed. #shihtzu #dachshund




Too cute. 💕


@aduf__ such a bad


🐾🐾💞💞 Love you Dougie


@jonathan91oka I hope you follow this dog. He the cutest.


Buenoch diacchhh @camacho582


I'm just telling myself the weekend is for relaxing 😅 @jennytaher


Awwwwww Douglas takes allergy medicine


So cute!! 👋👋


Oh that face


Hey Dougie, I love your tail and I want one just like yours. But my pet human just can't figure out how to do it. She's on this thing called a budget, whatever that is, so those groomer humans are out. Any tips for her ? My long tail just keeps getting " in the way " you know what I mean ? Thanks Milo


This is cool


I keep from couch to couch. So over this rain, too bad it's suppose to allll week. 🐾🌧️


So many beds Dougie 💜


I love his gushy face!


So sweet 🐾❤️


The puppy so cute😊💖💖


I'm sure you can have ANY bed in your home that you want!!!! You could in mine!

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