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Would you swim with sealions? 😊
Tag 3 friends you'd do this with πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ
Video by: @calypsostarcharters



Me, me, and me😹


buona vigilia amore a re del mio compleanno stasera si stasera si va bene poi dimmi qualcosa che mi ha dato fastidio il fatto è che mi ha dato fastidio il mio bff e bff e poi poi ti racconto domani vabbè non mi va però detto questo


yeah ok no thanks


@mrsssaez these ones are cuter


That was kinda what we did lol @jess.a.hurley


@gabriel__perr Gabriele quando va sott'acqua a fare i purpi


I wish I was swimming with the 🌊🦁get it


I wish I swam with seala


Look it's Dukey in the version of a seal @_michael_neri_


@lovelyn0310 κ·€μ—½λ‹€..


Que cuchi


@mln.slig Wasser wuffies siiiii


Nadharemos nadharemos jajajaja @gastton.c


Quiero nadar con esta focaaa 😍 @milagro_ramirez_castaneda


Wild genitalia??? @kenz_jenz


Wow! yes- with Tobias ,Daniel, Clive,Ashleigh and me!


giuro ti troverΓ² uno scoiattolo @martinapogliani


Ma smettilaaaa... Γ¨ una foca suvvia @leti_casatta


ma non Γ¨ un otttyyy @martinapogliani


Jajajajajajajaja los ojos πŸ‘€πŸ€£ @tanya_montes


Where is it ?


😳 s'ey Vea rehhh anh


@lysoingchung hey cute ha Jong swim with puk vea


@ @saritareth oh my gosh too cute Jong swim with them nass


@snreth hai lerng jeng. Cute lers komrit

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