Just a man, dancing in front of his pug, asking him to watch him dance 📡#danceforyourdog
Sick moves by @jongraz for @showmenoodz




@iamdane88 if you love Jake, you'll dance for him


@bmmill05 this is you


@juliarosacarpenter I do this to Rolo more often then I'd like to admit 😅


@bobsquare @madejavu include silly or else 👊🏽


Sometimes I do this with Oski when no ones home... @laurabadora11 @beeesuz


@paris_chante just a heads up, tomorrow we are replicating this. Practise the moves. Thanks in advance. 😜


@isabel_lizzie tell @dannynewkid to dance with Buddy Boy!


Just saw this @vkirts 😂


@jennilynn56 please make a video and post it


Yes! And I do!


@francee.france this is me to Lucy


I do this all the time @niv.ramati who else am I supposed to dance for?!


Then I must @brookebalesi and I will shamelessly post it on Instagram


@xo_kelley I bet he loves it!


@mldockter me when I'm home alone 😂


I dance for my dog, he reacts in much the same way...hahaha


@susieb119 @tamaralynn318 well... I do this and sing to her too... when no ones home


@jen.m.soza 😂 do this with Frank!


I always do 😂


@vinsan91 this is what you do when nobody's watching

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