And here we have it: a water angle of @cocom4debarrelkilla's amazing @oneillusa #waveofthewinter contender from Christmas Day. Vid: @kakolopes




sure i'm better tho like these types of waves aren't in california there in hawaii @crispe_cream18


Amazing footage. I'm pretty sure that was actually me, because that happens every day for me. Then I wake up.


Great shot amazing ride bro


i can never do thisss @crispe_cream18


sorry but he could have been so much deeper


This cAnt not win perfect wave unbeatable style


The perfect wave




@filimox vlw mol! TMJ irmao


NΓ£o vi ngm caindo @matheusarruda01 kkkkk logo nΓ£o Γ© vocΓͺ


@claudee_d 😍 so Sehnsucht 😍 einfach nur geil :)


Achei aquele meu vΓ­deo que eu tava te falando @marquincarvalho


He already won


Gnarliest barrel almost ever


Que video monstro se Γ© loco !!! ParabΓ©ns @kakolopes


Just give him wave of the winter he deserves it the rainbow was in the background I was going to go for it but Mason was on it he's the Man


Looks like nothing in the vid haha @scotlershaw_

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