Milkshake the Cat

You were calling?

You were calling?



I love ur captions


This is smoothies brother milkshake @verityrules


Ahaha! Cutie! 😄💋


😅Looks like: "I'm busy... What is it?" 😚🐈



How can you get anything done with two awesome cats in the house?!?!?!?!?


Now you're posing! Well done Milkshake 👏👍






Such a cute kitty!!


I love his face! ❤ī¸


Hi sweetie 💗 💗


@mozhdeh.soltani6735 ØŽŲˆØ§Ų‡Ø´ ØŽŲˆØ´Ø§Ų„Ų… ÚŠŲ‡ ØŽŲˆØ´Ø§Ų„ شدیŲ† . ایŲ†Ø§ ØąŲˆ Ų…یبیŲ†Ų… یاد Ø´Ų…ا Ų…ÛŒŲˆŲØĒŲ…đŸ˜‡


.... Milky ..â€ŧī¸ yes ..â€ŧī¸ I'm waiting for u pic..🐾❤ī¸â˜ēī¸


🐈 👀 💞 Love it!!!


How cuuute!!




Bretty eyes

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