I told our troops I'd save this historic vid to kick off 2017. We know that so many of you troops who are stationed around the world couldn't make it home for the holidays to be with your families. We luv you, we miss you, we're proud of you and most important, come back home safe. You're families are waiting. And to the 50,000 troops and their families who made this night historic (biggest event ever of its kind on American soil). From deep in my bones, it was an honor to stand on this stage and entertain you. When you broke into the "USA" chants my body lit up like a freaking Christmas tree with goose bumps. Helluva moment. Happy New Year to all our troops here in the US and overseas serving our country. Thank you to you AND your families. My gratitude is boundless. #RockTheTroops🇺🇸 #GratefulNewYear



El Blanco

Coolest thing of 2017, come back to Hawaii so I can tell my friends I got to shake your hand 👌👌👌






Im iran.

Sadoc Ivy

Something to forever think and talk about!!!...seise the moments as they come!!!

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