Dougie the Shih Tzu

Cute as a button.

Cute as a button.




@annekvalheim vi fΓ₯r sjΓ₯Γ₯ da🐼


@maxwaldoe ΓΈnsker meg denne til bursdag


@dailydougie I like dougie ALOT do you think he will like @thelifeofgeorgiebear?


Ewok alert!


@gforcelfe you like dougie now :)


Awwww soo cute😍😍


Fml I'm in love @oacervantes


I love his wispy silks.


You are just soooo cute!!!


You are a cutie πŸ’™πŸ’™


@marere_barr can we keep him


The cutest, luv your calendar.


Even cuter than a button.


He SURE IS!!!!


Love him so, so much.


Buttons will never be as cute as Dougie!!! :) <3

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