Video by @donniethesphynx: "World's best hair stylist." Video via @cats_of_instagram




@luciabribriblibli lo juro, me encanta


@zap088 guarda che chifo


@cmprvz quiero unooooooo


@rudi_cristal qenka si plakushe thote kjo


@valg_7 he's trying to groom her hair lol bald is better


@funnelpheebz #1 ur username holy I forgot u changed that I'm ded #2 if I come home and u have one of these I'll lose it


@butrcup87 he's eating her hair hoping it'll help him grow some


@stephanie.mortensen haha, den er sΓ₯ sΓΈd!! Alexander har ogsΓ₯ haft tagget mig i den 😍


Hair envy. Lol


@manchurie it's such a cute poop


@alikk43 i'm getting one


Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.


Is that a tail by its feet?


πŸ˜‚ ho Yeung siu ahhhhhhhh @dorcasssss


gato lindo


ya.. I'm gonna have to talk to em about this.. @emily_ands @abby_paige1721


It's bearus from dragon Ball super πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@danadoondana the breed of cat is naturally hairless

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