Omg that's so cute @schmallycat me post otf this morning!!!


@kao_korkan เหมือนด้า


@cholly.b ควาย นอนแบบมึง


บายจายยยย @kao_korkan


I can't💜


Is this a Pit bull?


@mizz_bobbi this is me and I think Rockie is my soul dog. Lol


Hahahaha yes!! @catwil_


Hahaha he's adorable cute


@aamypowerr it's grace!!!!!!


@bethannebell I'm seriously lying tho...


I'm pretty sure this described my whole week! @shainus_texas_marine


Me too. It is 23 degrees here in Texas. I am under the blanket snuggled up next to mom.


@sharillaz Badger and I will be couch surfing

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