Meanwhile, @john_john_florence throws his hat into the @oneillusa #waveofthewinter event with this ultra-technical Pipe tube. Vid: @evanyamashiro



Massive storm coming to Portland Oregon be care ful @lfg8


Ya bro he got so pitted @logan.kellly


Hardly close to WOW


Small wave


And cared about the dudes toes he almost ran over. Top @john_john_florence 🙌


Had dude gotten out of the way and not fucked up his exit may have scored higher


woooooooo I lake


Far away from WOTW


Jeezz john johns so deep in and gets pitted so hard @alliewats0n @phoebewilliamz


@malenapepa ajajaja es el n1 🙌


Thank you for the non slow motion at the beginning of the video, you are the real mvp for that


I say he betters it✋


Bitchin grab!


Chandelier. Rip off


No WOTW but JJ knows that!!


His brothers was way sicker


Where did he go for like 3 seconds lol @fatsnooki




Surfed it perfectly, but not really in the mix in comparison to other entrees.

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