"You cannot fool me, human." #literallysuchfocus



@refiche vamo fazer isso


Tried this last night. She didn't get it @brynoinsta


Nice argument


Omg! Jenna actually recommend we do this with Artie!! @sfitzyou


@brynoinsta im gonna teach this to wooga


@applecorleone 😄😍 im gonna try this with LB


@mr.spies tricks for kona


@chelsea_kalt yes. She was so smart


Hahahaha iyaa yaaaaa @dewuland 😂😂😂 walopun dalemna cetek


@chiaraindhira Pasti pasang muka bego.. Aq disuluh apa siy..


Haha @tiffanydawn022 def gotta teach Daisy that one


Remember when I did this with Lola @ladylyddy


I do that but in my hands lol they just use their noses cheaters


@seanisms I wanna try this with Holly!


@linnyree teach Riley this?


@ginger_gurl_dog lets try this trick next


Good boy 🐶


@alstanley03 @darlingdelta would just knock all the cups over. Big brute

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