Dougie the Shih Tzu

Rainy and cold = stay in bed. What's the weather like at your house?

Rainy and cold = stay in bed. What's the weather like at your house?



Very windy and cold here in England . Threat of snow to come xxx


Wet we only popped out to the loo x


Warm in Hawaii, 70 degrees.


5 degrees -13 wind chill


Santiago de Chile mucho calor!! It's summer time here in South America, so my budy shih-tzu, Jedi, drinks a lot of water and likes eating ice cubes.


Follow me so I can sleep 😴


Hot in my bed can't even breath or sleep


Flipping freezing in London Ontario. Puppy paws freeze very quickly!


East Tennessee is brrrr....cold.. snow last night ...4-5 inches..and this morning . High was 25 today .. 16 now and with the wind.. baby it's cold outside! But my two shi-poos (Lola and Lucy) are keeping me warm. Wd love you sweet boy Dougie!


Our Rani hates rainy days 2


Freezing cold


-21 (-35 with the wind chill) My Oliver is wearing a t-shirt and a sweater and whines if we try to take them off (in the house).


@clarathegoat we live in SoCal, Riverside County


Cold and snowy. Could use a snuggle with you cutie ❤️


Ice everywhere in central Mississippi


18 for the high and it was 1 when we got up at 8:00. BRRRR!! But it was sunny👏🏼👏🏼


@dailydougie negative 2 here in Rome


Sameeeee 🙈


Sunny down in the southern hemisphere 😂😝


San Antonio, TX 34 degrees in South Texas!!!


@dailydougie The weather at my house is really cold in the Greater Seattle area. It is 26 degrees (Farenheit) outside. Stay warm and cozy Dougie!


Same here socal


Cold and snowy in Maryland, but it was beautiful.


Snow-8 inches.


@dailydougie 70 degrees and sunny Phoenix Arizona 🌵


Snow in Maryland


Cold Zero onthe map here in Chicago


Snowing and freezing!! But cuddling with this cutie patootie sounds good lol

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