BUB SNOW.  #winteriscoming #lilbub #bilbobubbins




@djcdebruijn in winter wonderland!😂


@maromen es primo de Tuna


Cutie-pie 😻💞💞


She likes snow


Stay warm Lil Bub!!


LIL BUB be like....I am going to poop in your shoes if you don't get me out of this snow ...NOW! LOL! :-)


Brave kitty 🐱


Don't play snow so much bub 😊 @iamlilbub always love you...💞


Thank goodness you have white & warm boots on your paws


Stay warm Lil Bub, I love you a whole lot.


You are such a sweetie! ♡


Hope you only had her in that snow just to take a quick photo. It's too cold for our precious little girl to be outside❄️😔💕💞


Bub saved the world from global warming. Good job, Bub


"O.K. you got your picture. Can I go back in the nice warm snow-free house now?"


I hope your Owner gives you a Treat and A nice Neck Scratch for me I Love you From Caleb Lee


I recently saw "9 lives" is it her the pretty cat that appears in the shop?


Aw bub you're so cute baby girl


Awe! I love you lil' bub! Stsy warm and dry!


Where is your sweater, scarf and mittens?


Bubby, it's cold outside!


@zeahway yada yada weiwei cuter

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