The Red Huskies

💔💔 she is walking with three legs. Cute simba he walks downstairs alongside the "wounded luna" usually they race for the first floor. (For all who concerns 🙂 i cleaned it up already, and she whimpers during the cleaning proses, put some dressing on it after this video)




Awwwwwwwww poor dog


@imancollection7 si simba baik bangeeet lhooo


What happened? Poor little fella


Hazel gonna look like her @scraping_cr2_kseries


Good way to start my morning


His wittle foot☚ī¸đŸ˜ŠđŸ’” I can fix him @alyssa_flens


Redwin.burrow.. Awwww💋thank you. I get pounced on so much. Awwww. I truly was concerned.thank you!!!!!


I remember my husky eyes were always different . I don't know how it's possible lol


Awe how did she get hurt


@conniethreadgill just a disclaimer, not an argument. It wasn't snarky, I said it so you didn't have to worry about her being in pain or anything. I saw that you were worried and I wanted to help ease that.


@redwin.burrow i appreciate your help in trying to explain it to her. But i dont think she will see eye to eye with what we are saying.


@redwin.burrow thank u. Finally someone using common sense. Obviously i wont have time to be filming this if she is really in pain :)


Ha. Redwin.burrow. my comment was days ago. Ha. But . thanks for being snarky. Cheers to you! Ha. Goodness.


@conniethreadgill she's not in pain nor having any anxiety, the faces she makes while walking down the stairs is her strategizing how to get down without using the paw. If she was in pain she wouldn't be walking at all and her tail would be tucked


Oh I can't 😭💔 @megga.tron they're so cute


she is such a good girl đŸ˜Ĩshe is doing everything so good. she is walkig so good I love her so much good doggy 💕

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