The Red Huskies

Pack leader competition lost. 🙁

Pack leader competition lost. 🙁




What was up with her paw?


@lanna_ppe they still need to determined who is second in command lol. First in command is me


Why did they even have to a competition? The owner should be the pack leader. 😧




Hi sweet heart What happened to your paw?


Meaning the pain


Poor doggo I hope everything will be over soon


Get well love


hope everything will be ok soon




Get well soon


Get well soon... 😘😘😘


Get well soon 🐾🐾


🙏đŸŊ I pray for you


Poor thing


Recuperate pronto




Get well soon!!!!


Aww how did she hurt her paw was it bitten??


Tp difoto ini sedih sekali dia


Get well soon. 🤕


Kenapa kakinya ce?


@mag_mandy gak seh.. nek kita pegang makanan sek ttp lari2 loncat2 hahaa masio mek pake 3 kaki tok hahaha


Credit by @dannywindarto perban n photo


Lemes bgt gt


Aw Poor Luna bear we love you so much darling


Awww u poor thing 😩 i wish we lived in the same city so my Beth can play with your pack 😊 @thehuskypride


That Is not good, poor Luna 💕💕💕💕💕😟😟😟🐾🐾🐾🐾😘😘😘😘 @thehuskypride

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