BUB's NEW Magical Yule Log Video is done. Enjoy the full HD version in the comfort of your own home at the link in BUB's bio or at #lilbub #goodlogbub #yulelog





good job bun


@ruthie25_ the purrrrsss!! And omgg yessss it is babee!


@yianni_997 this is the most pleasant thing in the universe


Love you Lil Bub 💝💝


@rashall_stone you can follow lil bub!!


She purrs to you in gratitude for what you have sheltered her and gave all the warmth of his heart!


I have this set up on a monitor all day at the office 😻


Lol i read about lil bub online and decided to check your insta out and my god that cat is amazing❤️❤️😂✌️


I love Bub so much! 😻😻😻😻


I look forward to a new one every year, thanks Bub!


soo cute


I love you sweet BUB. 💖 💖 💖


She s a.n happy cat she s so cute

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