The Red Huskies

5 pups. Offleash. I challenge u multiple huskies owner 😈

5 pups. Offleash. I challenge u multiple huskies owner 😈




@lexmurphy i know right! The feeling when we finally reach it is golden 😍


We worked so hard to train ours to be off leash. We adopted 1 when he was 5 and the other when he was 2, so it was an extra challenge. It is so worth the effort though for them to have freedom. Your pups are gorgeous!


This is so nice


Suka tehhh suka


@fajarmutaqinn ngga jualan.. emang suka..


@_8_1_6_am_ I can't even with one 😒


Ko bisa bnyk gitu, jualan? Tuker sama owl teh hahaaa


Mau satu tehh


@xylina3 thank you for the kind words. It warms my heart! Have a good weekend! Deff give your pup more time. It differ from one husky to the other, depends on their "hard headed level" lol 😉


Thank u for your response my pup is 1 so maybe a lil more time @thehuskypride i just love all your huskys and commend u for having them all your wedding pictures are so beautiful 😍😍😍


@itsa_huskyworld @monicacelly @xylina3 its small steps at a time. U need to start em young. Then work gradually, usually they start to listen to you after 2 years old. Unless simba, he is able to do offleash since a year old, just becoz we have deep bonding. My 3 pups are still learning until now, sometimes they are not patient enough to just sitting and staying. Make sure you do a lot of "stay command" and increase the length 5 seconds, 10, a minute. Then go outside where theres more "disturbance" and starts from bottom. After staying call and treat. Also gradually build your distance when leaving em for stay. And always use long leash before ure 100% confident they wont bolt. If the pups are still way too excited i wont let them offleash, when i knew they will listen then they got the "benefit of being off the leash. And once theyre offleash if they didnt listen, right then i put em back. So they knew, behaving means more freedom. Not listening then back to being leashed.


Tell me your secret!!


@jocymart lol, coby and oakley also did that yesterday, thats why theyre not in the picture 🙄🙈


My one would be running for the hills!!


Im right there with you! All off leash trained 💕


@michiee_d me in the future with my dogs




@_vanessalazzerini cosa ci fai lì in mezzo ?😏


Ampun, gave up 😂 ochi yeno pd g bisa diem gini 😆


@tikaren lol. The other two is making trouble for their dad. They cant stay still for photos. Still under training lol


Where is the other two? 😍


@thehuskypride wow your the leader of the pack.😍😍


Offleash?! I even cant handle one!


Offleash? I GAVE UP

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