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Photo by @maggiesteber. In Haiti religious pilgrims pray at the top of a mountain outside of Gonaives. They climbed every morning during the Christmas season, as they explained, to be closer to their God. I had seen people on top of this mountain many times when driving to the north and always at this time of year. One morning some years ago I climbed the mountain myself before the sun rose to find out what they were doing. When I got to the top, no easy feat in the dark, I sat there wondering if anyone would arrive. Finally as the sun came up one by one the pilgrims arrived.
I sat and watched them for a time until the minister arrived. I asked if I could photograph the gathering praying and he said yes because they wanted the message to get out to everyone, that this was the time to be thankful for what they called the greatest gift. I asked if they had a church and the minister told me that there was no greater church than Nature itself. In a country where many well-meaning people go to build churches for Haitians, this response reaffirmed my admiration for Haitians who see beauty in their country that strangers often miss. If there is a lesson here, it’s that while people might seem poor, they can also imagine themselves richly as the most fortunate people on earth in their love of the land and country.
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Photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Kokori's bridge; stone arch bridge in Vikos-Aoos National Park, in northwest Greece. This stone bridge with its unique arch is situated near the village of Kipoi in Central Zagori. It was first built in 1750. The Vikos Gorge lies in the North Pindus Mountains in the historic area of Epirus and constitutes a true natural monument. Due to its geological isolation and the absence of human presence, Vikos gorge includes rare plant and flower species of Epirus.
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Vikos–Aoös National Park

Sunrise Glow | Photograph by Garry Everett
While visiting family in Victoria, Australia, Your Shot photographer Garry Everett went on an early morning photography excursion, only to find Lake Mulwala covered in fog. “The conditions changed dramatically as the sun broke through and interacted with the fog and clouds to create this wonderful soft light effect," he remembers. "If you look hard you will also notice a few black swans in the image."

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SENIOR SUNDAY! Our friends from @susiesseniordogs introduced us to the cutest little tripod! Louie is an 8 year old, three-legged rat terrier. He was brought into the local shelter with an injured back paw and he could not put it down. He was pulled by @littletailsrescue in Miami, Florida who had Louie evaluated by several vets - unfortunately, Louie's leg wound was from an old injury and there was no way to save his leg. And they had to amputate it. But Louie moves just as fast as other four-legged dogs and he loves to play! He is a much happier dog since the amputation and it likely had been causing him pain for a long time.
Otherwise, Louie is very healthy and he has no medical issues. He is now in a foster home but Louie is in need of his very own forever home. He is a chill with calm dogs but does not like it when dogs get in his face. He is outgoing and friendly, and he even knows how to amuse himself with toys! He loves to go for walks, he is good around people (even strangers), is good with kids, and ignores cats.
Louie is located in Miami, Florida. Little Tails Rescue accepts adopters from anywhere in Florida, or even further away, but an adopter would need to come to Miami to meet Louie first.

To adopt Louie, please email @littletailsrescue at with any questions.


¿Arcoiris en la carretera o intenso tránsito de viernes por la noche? 
Foto: Sungjin Kim / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT / National Geographic Creative
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Photo by @chefeitanbernath
“Your age doesn’t define what you can accomplish, only how long you have had to accomplish it!” These are defining words for 15-year-old chef and food blogger Eitan Bernath (@chefeitanbernath). “Rumor has it that I was always in the kitchen,” says Eitan, who lives in New Jersey and has already appeared twice on the Food Network. A very picky eater when he was younger, Eitan says he’s making up for lost time. “I like trying everything and I eat all day long.” #Hanukkah celebrations are already underway for Chef Eitan— there’s lots of time to be spent with family... and tasty fried foods.
Watch our story to see Eitan at work in his favorite place: the kitchen.

New Jersey

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