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Heroic video ❀️ .. respect



Deer you go


Some asshole would shot that doe and take it home brag bout how they bag the doe, but love these guys. They knew it unfair to hunt doe that is trapped so they save the doe ^-^


That was so sweet I'm glad you care about animals as much as I do


Awesome I bet the mom is on someone's wall sitting pretty nice.


That was so nice of u guys.glad to see some have a heart




You're welcome! Lol @thisisjackiea


Coitado do bambi


Thank you! βœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘


Gracias a la ayuda de estas personas, este hermoso animal pudo salir ileso de esos Γ‘rboles. Un ejemplo para muchos. β™‘β™‘


Awesome job


Because if they're freeing it just to shoot it / or another animal than it defeats the whole purpose 😟😟


Are these hunters doing this though? Orrr


Great job!


@yrallihahsinat ih kasiaaan. Petakilan sih dia nyelip nyelip ky pantatnya kurus aja. Ahhaha


Very cool!


Bravooo !!!!


Nice huntersβ€οΈπŸ’Gma


They could of lifted her, there was a wider gap above.


helal olsun


Beautiful action, may God bless them always 😊

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