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I love you




ven a Chile mi amor


Omg ur so cute happy bday bri


Oh you're cute 😋


@gabiikruger esse cara é lindo


I love you


Brian, it's my birthday today


u look like porn star 💀


Genial :)


Ты шо брат Джареда Лето??????¿¿¿¿


His dance teacher is my dance teacher... this is true not a spam... promise.


fuck me


Can you please leave a happy birthday message on my feed it would mean so much 💕


Hoia aquele dansarinu da ariana @lehandrolira


@brilovelife what is your brother @iamskot Snapchat name?




Om telolet om


love ya brian


I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you❤️❤️💘💘🙈😭






I love bae 😭👱




I'll add u on sc


how the f can you draw all of this? I can barely draw a straight line w/o messing it up 💀


Marry me

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