Dougie the Shih Tzu

Waiting for same-day Prime.

Waiting for same-day Prime.



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Whoever said his puff legs look like the Seinfeld puffy sweater, was exactly right! 😂


Love same day!! 😄📦


I'm doing the same thing...


O dougie I no how you feel xx


Looks so sweet


Will you teach us?


@losrosenberg I know right? He is just the cutest 😘🐶🎉


@hopey1kenobi look at those paws!! I can't


Yes his paw fur @beatrice_g


Love you, Dougie! ❤️


Oh he does tickle me ...🐶😁😍😂x


Is it a box of bully sticks and squirrel squeaky toys?!?!!!





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