👀 (regram from @dogs.by.gina)



That looks exactly like my dog after he gets out of the torture chamber (a.k.a. bathroom)


@reuttt26. חחח עם הפרצוף הקטןשלה


גם גוי ככה??? @y_rosa


He looks miserable


@sophi921 @ cubanburrito but he's not biting anyone haha


@sophi921 @cubanburrito OMG it looks exactly like the Cheech!!!.. cray


@starhrj lmao king yesterday!


@mkengst all bug eyed. So cute


Please don't let my fans see me in the shower 🚿🐾


Fantastic shot! 😍


@xe.ngo looks like peps tbh


No one like their picture taken when their having a bath😬😉😂


Is that you DD


@jtpost6 looks familiar 😂


That's better! You look real now not like a puff-ball ❤️❤️❤️


@char.dc aw bath time dougie

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