Dougie the Shih Tzu

Happy Hanukkah! 💙

Happy Hanukkah! 💙




He looks pissed


Aweee happy Hanukkah cutie pie💙🤗🐶🕎😘✡️


When the latkes weren't made right 😡


Love ❤️ you sweetie you are perfect ‼️




@dailydougie Happy Hanukkah Dougie to you and your family. Love this picture! God Bless you!


@caleb.archer I agree. He does not look happy.


Dougie looks angry


@jziegs always the best


Happy Hanukkah 💕 🕎


@ecmcphail happy Hanukkah


Happy Hanukkah, Dougie! And Merry Christmas too! 😘😘


Happy Hanukkah, Dougie and family!


Happy Hanukkah!


When is his barkmitzvah?! 😂😂😂


Dougie's Jewish! Who knew?! 😂👍🏾


@reuttt26. חחחחחח ממש מרוצה


@fuckingalex dougie is Jewish


@mehers_ @mlly_m I love him even more!!!!


@theronz12 @rubix_kub @arpie_w of course he's jewish! shih tzus for lyfe


@gallagher_kylee he's a Jew and I love it


Happy Hanukkah Dougie ❤️


חחחחחח איזה פרצוף מרוצה @y_rosa


Merry christmas to all!


Follow my instagram! Mommy just made one for me. I'm a 4 month old shih tzu! I'm cute and very spoiled! 💗🐶

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