Beast mode 💪🏽




My pits are the same. All muscle


Are you ready???


I ain't messing with him


Cuando me dicen que C*** se lio con una @laay08_


I need one like that he or she is one of the best beast I've seen so far


@_dominicancutie03 then they get like this 😩😀😀


Q @rickslap1 ? Não gosto deles :/


Wtf nice Best


Bestia el que lo cría😔... el pitbull es hermoso!!!!😘


@yulissa.palmeros Que te coma dije!


@harsroses no me come, pero si me arrastra


@yulissa.palmeros Para que te coma!


Mira @harsroses así quiero poner a Rocky


Mozzica ou


That's a bully pitbull.


Is that ur pit bull

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