BUB has been the best gift for five years in a row now. #lilbub #giftofbub

BUB has been the best gift for five years in a row now. #lilbub #giftofbub






@lisalabay HER NAME IS BUB


Awwww!! You are Truly Loved Lil Bub 😻💘💘


@emily.jane.jones oh my gosh, she's literally got a derp face 💜💜💜


@roseanndarcy please say you follow this little cutie... she's such a little love! 💕


Can you clone bub and sell forever baby bubs to everyone? I'd buy 10 lil lilbubs in a heartbeat


@sormeharmineh 👅 I played settlers with the fam this weekend 💪🏼 looking forward to kicking your butt again 😋


Merry Christmas❤️😍


I ❤️️u bub


And she has been a gift of joy and comfort to those of us who follow her. Thank you to you Mike and your family for sharing this amazing magical creature in the entire galaxy and beyond with us💘❤️❤️❤️Lub you all, here and beyond🌲⛄️🎄☃️✌️


He's a doll!


Precious lilbub!


Aww! So true @iamlilbub, you also seem to be guarding the presents quite fiercely, especially yours! (Did I say fiercely? I mean adorably)


Bub-luv!!!💕 🐱


Love you Bub


yes! she is awesome! hope Santa brought Bub some goodies!! xx


She's the best thing under the tree🎄💕💞💘


Bub u cuter


Bub, you are so cute! 😘😘😘


@bschina merry Christmas!


For us too


I'm sure she feels the same way about you too!


Merry Christmas, Bub!

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