Gary and supporting cast

It's just a figure of speech, Gus. #cantfindhiswayoutofapaperbag

It's just a figure of speech, Gus. #cantfindhiswayoutofapaperbag



Really Gus??


Sometimes it's not


I love this dork! He out dorks himself everyday! 😂😂


Just stay there until Saturday


Is the cat out of the bag yet?


We love GUS!!!


He's just awwwww 😻


Must be so much fun at your house! 😂😂💛😻💛🎉🎉


@phoenix.1010 that look lol


hope you didnt step on him))))


S01E03 ...And the Bag's in the River @omgdeedee


S01E02 Cat's in the Bag... @omgdeedee


At least Hank wasn't involved this time. 😂


Haha! Love it! 😂😂


Aww Gus, you're adorable! 😻💕


Too cute! 😻😻😻💝💝💖💕💜❤️


This is super adorable!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Oh! It'is.😀 Adorable baby.😄


Don't feel bad Gus. Cat dad tells mom she can't find her way out of a WET paper that's bad 😹


Just waiting for Gare Bear to walk by

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