Smoothie the Cat

But... I don't want to be an adult.

But... I don't want to be an adult.



Hhhhhh 🌚😂


Fotocopyan mu wkwkwkwkw @anita_tendean


@taylaamarie_ I will block you


@schm.idt AHH it's so cute I just wanna cuddle it


@ginafossum hehe ung for alltid


@soumallard look at the paw curls!!


You are still a child to me Smoothie!!! 💘


Kitty you adorable thing 😍

God.. I love this cat ♥️♥️♥️


What a cute pose... nothing wrong with Peter Pan cat syndrome😜


Smoothie I fall in love with you <3


اوووي صدقة 😻😻😻@al_ania_95




@svlydnnn bence bundan lazim sana 😂😂


I love you Smoothie!!! Look how cute you are 💙💙


Really sweet 😻


sOo cute!!! 😽😘


You don't have to be beautiful girl🌟🐾💕


Me neither


Yes baby,u will always be a kitten😃😍😗

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