Gary and supporting cast

Of course it's Gus, he's a damn muppet. Hank is only slightly less agreeable, Gary is OK with the front paws as long as he's sleepy, Jesse is an absolute nightmare so I've given up trimming his, and Margo. Simply. Will. Not. Allow. It. #Teamgarytrivia



Excellent video 😹😻


Nakakamiss magpalas ng kuko ng pusa ko 😢 @apl.llarena


My cat starts crying before I even pull the clippers out smh lmao. He knows what's about to go down 😭😂


You really shouldn't cut cats claws and I can tell u why


Freddy is a dream when it comes to claw clipping, mum is not brave enough to try with lance however 🙄


Girls got a mind of her own


Bet your vet *loves* how chill Gus is. 🐾


@darth_fizuleika sometimes I get one single claw with Jesse and that's it


My parent wrap me in a towel and pull out the paw that is getting trimmed.

Lol I only managed to trim one paw's worth of claws on one cat yesterday.


@amy.sia omg so cute


Jade. Just look at him @_jadekat 😻


Wow he's just so good


You can do just about anything to GUS!!!! Hilarious 😂😂😂🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸❤️


GUS is a muppet!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂


@omgdeedee Thanks for all the info. I think I'll start by seeing if my cats can get used to having their paws held :D


Auwwwww! So cooperative!! 😻😻😻


Ahhh ha ha! Love how he lays like that. Have to prop the girls sitting up and holding their heads so they don't bite me. #Sadiebites 😹


You're a good boy Gus, well done.


I've always trimmed my cats claws. Some of friends are afraid to try it. Thankfully, all my cats have been cooperative!!


Awwwww, such a precious boy! And Margo is a true princess 😹


Just did that last night, but one of us held her, the other clipped.


@daagsv what a good cat


My older cat is a breeze, the younger one allows the nails to be clipped but yowls like I'm killing her


@teresaprestridge I take back that Jesse's a nightmare. We've never experienced anal juice😂😂😂😂


I wrap mine in a towel and take one paw out at a time it really works


I almost guessed Gus, but sometimes that wild dazed look in his eyes makes me question. Lol. In our house Nina is the nightmare. Oh it happens, but not without at least one escape and two parents holding AND a whole lot of fussing from Nina....and occasionally anal juice is shot out just for revenge 😷💩😹


Man, you are a pro!


I think there should be salons for cats manicures. Right?


Hehehe that video is hilarious


Unbelievable!!!! Way to go Gus!!!


Such a good boy! 💞💞💞😘😘


Good boy Gus 😻


Ahh!! My first thought was him but I didn't want to assume....😸 what a good boy! 😽


I knew it!!!


Get some kitty xanax for this ritual. My cat is pretty good when he's half asleep but my friend swears by it.


Lol! He's a muppet! @angmmorris

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