somebody help #lilbub

somebody help #lilbub



Awww!! True Love 😻👦❤️❤️


does s/he always have this face? omg its too cute 😍😍


Awww so cute 😍


Omg I love bubs ....Would love to meet him just a sweetheart


Lil Bub is 5


The same question @lucy.borland


What do u mean by help lil bub🤔🤔


@dizanardini olha esse insta meu deus


I love iiit😍😍😍


Just saw you on nine lifes!


the face you make when your seventy year old aunt kisses you and tells you how big you've gotten.


Why are my humans always hugging me? I can't chase mice when they are always hugging me.

Snugs are the worst, but also the best!! 😸😺😺😺


Sweet Bub


@iamlilbub My "help" would be to hold and hug and kiss you even more. You're just too adorable Lillian Bubbles. 😻😻😻


@catstoday Lillian Bubbles is 5 1/2 years old. She was born on the 21st of July 2011. 🐈


She is lucky to have found someone who loves her like you do ❣️


Nice pic!

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